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You thought you’d be happy, or at the very least ok with your child’s transition into adulthood.

But now that the nest is empty, what you’re feeling is a sense of sadness, emptiness and fear that you’re no longer needed in the ways you’ve always been…

If you were being completely honest, you’d admit that you’d love to have a roadmap, a guide to help you figure out your next move, your next chapter, even your purpose.





It ain’t easy when our kids leave the nest. So many emotions rise up in our hearts that it can be overwhelming. There’s a feeling of abandonment, of not being needed or useful in the day to day lives of our children. You’re probably asking yourself questions like…

Your child’s life will be filled with fresh experiences. It’s good if yours is as well.” —Dr. Margaret Rutherford

Have I equipped my children to survive day to day life without me?


Will they be safe away from the nest for the first time?


Will my child make the best decisions when faced with complex life challenges?


So much goes on in your mind as a mother…

When your children leave home for the first time that it can leave you feeling lost and without a purpose.

The good news? These feelings are normal. There is nothing wrong with you.

I can say this with utmost certainty because I’ve had the same feelings. I am a mom whose daughter left home three years ago for college and whose son will be leaving soon.

services-picWhat I’ve found is that pursing new and exciting interests have kept me focused, driven and excited about what the future holds for all of us.

Look, your kids will always be your kids. The only thing that has changed is that they’re doing what you raised them to do. To be independent, kind, focused and overall amazing human beings and grown ups.

You done good. Now it’s your turn.

Let’s turn the focus on you, teaching your kids yet another valuable life lesson. No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to re-invent yourself and re-discover your interests, gifts, talents and purpose.

Many of my friends and family would tell you I am the queen of re-invention. Over the past few years I have grown and discovered so much about who I am and what I want to do outside of mom and wife. This is what I bring into my coaching. I support you in doing the same for yourself. I help you clarify what your next steps are and together we create some fun as you re-discover your special gifts, talents and interests.

So forget feeling sorry for yourself. Your kids are doing great things, how about you?


This is exactly why I created my one on one coaching experience.

  • It’s for you, the mom who has been thinking about re-creating herself and is now ready to pursue it.
  • It’s for you, who has no idea where to begin and what steps to take to redefine your passions and purpose.
  • It’s for you, who’s been in the role of mom for so long that you’ve forgotten what turns you on, lights you up and sets your soul ablaze.

Through our work together you will…

  • Become crystal clear on what truly brings you happiness, joy and fulfillment – and have the courage and confidence to pursue it.
  • Redefine your new role as a mom of a young adult, which in turn will only strengthen the relationship you have with your child.
  • Cultivate a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment by doing things you forgot you knew how to do, thereby restoring that feeling of pride within yourself.
  • Be an example to your children as you focus on you and pursue your own goals, dreams and interests.


Do you think you’ve earned it?

Until you take the first step, you won’t know the opportunities that await you.

Book your discovery session so we can talk about where you are now, where you’d like to be and how we can make it real.

Jodi is available for Workshops and Speaking Engagements.

Please contact her to discuss your unique needs so we can put together the most effective and compelling workshop or speech for your group/organization.

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