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Are you ready to discover why you’re here, now that the nest is about to be empty?

It is never too late to pursue your passions because the satisfaction you’re craving lies in sharing your essence with the world.

Jodi Silverman

Let’s Do This!

I’m Jodi Silverman, a woman who has recreated herself many times over the years. I used to think there was something wrong with me because I was constantly shifting and desiring more.

Was I selfish or ungrateful for all I had?

Why was being a wife and mom not enough?

Until one day I realized that it had nothing to do with selfishness or lack of gratitude. It was not that being a wife and mom was not enough. It was amazing. What I’d found was that my life was shifting and growing just like my kids. As they transitioned from pre-school to elementary school, from middle school to high school and now to college, I was transitioning as well. I discovered that it was ok to grow, change, want and desire more.

I want you to understand this as well.

I’ve been married to an amazing man for over 23 years and we have two awesome children and the cutest cock-a-poo. But when my daughter Ellie left three years ago, I began to think about what I really wanted to do now that the kids were all grown up. What I was doing was not fulfilling.  It wasn’t an easy thing to figure out as it meant turning most of my focus on myself. This was a big shift for me to make after focusing on my kids for so many years. Even with my hobbies and interests, it didn’t keep me from feeling as if something was missing, a void.

When Ellie left, I was so excited for her, but at the same time I started wondering if I’d equipped her with all the tools she needed to take care of herself. To make myself feel mom-like, I sat down and created a Moms Guide to Medicine, which I laminated and placed in a container. I filled that container with all the supplies that were in the guide. This was a small thing that made me feel useful and needed as a mom. This little laminated sheet I called a guide lead me (along with my mom) to write a book called You’re On Your Own, NOW WHAT? Tips and Wisdom from Mom. Part guide, part journal, this book is a way for moms to impart their wisdom and equip their college-bound kids with everything they need to know.

As I was writing this book and at the same time writing my life’s next chapter, I discovered my love and talent for guiding women like you through your own transition, discovering your unique gifts and actually taking action to live your next chapter. Amazing moms just like you who feel lost because your nests are about to be empty. I now help you discover the answer to the big question “NOW WHAT?”

The answer to this simple yet overwhelming question is deep inside you. Let’s discover what you have to share with the world.

Are you ready?

I’m Jodi Silverman, A Certified Life Coach. I’m also a woman who is passionate about supporting and guiding women just like you to uncover your greatest gifts and contributions, so you can play it full out.

Click here to see how I can help you discover your next chapter and start writing it.

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