Move past the loss, worry and loneliness around Empty Nest!

“Your kids are out experiencing new and exciting things, why not you too?” –Coaching With Jodi


When I asked a group of moms what the strongest emotions around their kids’ leaving home were, here is what the said:

Loss of purpose: Feeling as if they have been fired from the best job they ever held.

Worry: Worrying about whether they sufficiently equipped their sons or daughters to live outside of home. Equipped them to make good and right decisions.

Lonliness: Feeling as though they have lost a “friend.” Someone to share shopping trips, coffee chats or just watching a favorite movie together.

It didn’t matter if these moms worked outside the home or chose to be stay at home moms; they all felt or experienced one if not all three of these emotions.


Jodi, this has been an incredible group!!! I’ve been trying harder each day to do something I normally wouldn’t do (especially as it gets colder). Thank you for this group. I’m very inspired and raring to go!

Mindy Simon-Marin

What is a mom to do?

1) Equip your kids: What if there was a way to ensure your kids went off into the world with your best tips and wisdom at their fingertips? Do you think having a resource like this would reduce your worry? I do, because that is exactly what happened for me. I have created a great resource for moms to give their college bound kids. Click here to check it out and get one today.

2) Reconnect with friends and family and this includes your spouse or partner as well. For reconnecting, maybe it’s hosting a dinner party or a lunch party. Maybe it’s time to start new traditions like a sibling monthly night out or girl’s night out or date night.

3) Redefine yourself. A great way to begin redefining would be to make a list of some things you have always wanted to do, whether it’s going back to college, exploring ventures, doing volunteer work or joining a book club. The simple act of starting a list can yield some of the most powerful results.

When I heard Jodi talk about her work, Moms Who Dare, I thought “I wished I had someone with her passion and love for her mission, when my son turned 18 and left for college.” To be able to work with a coach who could show me the life I could have after my children were grown, would have been so valuable and most of all healing. Jodi shines with her love to help women navigate this delicate time in their life.

Deborah Tray

This is exactly what The Moms Who Dare Movement is all about.

It’s about community. A community of moms supporting each other by sharing key strategies and resources to help you move through the loss, worry and loneliness associated with Empty Nest, so you can not only enjoy this new chapter in your life, but also enjoy watching your children grow and become independent self sufficient adults.

It has been a great source of ideas and advice to navigate through this new stage in my life.  Love all the feedback and advice from other Moms.  Look forward to other new adventures with Moms Who Dare.

Kim Kellenbenz

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