A portion of every shirt sold will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.



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A Moms Who Dare Tee Shirt!

Wear this shirt with pride and DARE to tell the world that you are a Mom Who Dares!

Who is a Mom Who Dares?


Here is what some of our Moms in our Facebook group had to say.



“Isn’t afraid to take a flying leap into a new adventure and show “the kids” what it means step outside your comfort zone.” Lu Ann Cahn

“Has honest, vulnerable and age appropriate conversations with her kids.” Nikki Tobias

“Grows.” Jane Clements

“Keeps learning who she is with and without the kids.” Polly Breithaupt

“has the courage to claim her own brilliance.” Adina Laver

They are all right.

A Mom Who Dares is the mom who has the courage to say, “What about me? What do I want?”

She is someone who understands that turning some of her focus onto herself does not mean she is abandoning her family and friends. Rather, it means she has the courage to pursue dreams and role model self care. She is a mom who Dares to Dream and then steps into it!

We need 30 shirts to make this order happen!
 Be one of the 30 and you will receive a gift with your shirt.

 And of course we will give back.  A portion of every shirt sold will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.


Because my amazing sister-n-law and too many other women are living with Metastatic Breast Cancer and LBBC is an organization that offers these women services and programs to help support them while living with cancer.  LBBC’s vision is a world where no one impacted by breast cancer feels uninformed or alone.  Click here to read more about their mission. 

Let’s get 30 shirts ordered by 12/31/16 and start the New Year off with a Dream and a Dare!

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