Jodi Silverman

Hear What Some Of My Clients Have To Say


“I had known Jodi, not deeply, but I knew her character and knew I could trust her. She had what I wanted and she was gracious to say she would work with me. She’s actually the first life coach I’ve met personally. I have to say I wish I had done this sooner because it has given me direction and I feel calmer. Jodi has an incredible way of hearing me and what I’m saying and put it into a frame that is not demeaning or insulting but constructive and enlightening. She brings clarity and HOPE. She makes you feel heard! Not many people are capable of that anymore.”

Tha Bosco, Mom & Tax Free Retirement Coach

“Jodi is an amazing coach! If there is a thought in your mind about hiring her- DO IT NOW! I met with Jodi for coffee to discuss different goals that I had and ways to hold myself accountable- in NO WAY did I expect my whole life to change in one year’s time! She broke down each area of my life that I was unhappy with, question by question and worked with me to make an action plan, holding me accountable for the actions I need to take. She embodies all aspects of a great coach; pushing her students to achieve the best they can give every step of the way, but supporting me through success and failure. Her coaching and guidance has totally changed my life and looking back over the past year, I wouldn’t have tackled any of these obstacles if I didn’t have her to support and direction. An investment in Jodi is a sure bet on an incredible future!”

Valarie Stock, Mom & Sales & Marketing Rep at NV Homes

radell“It is nice to continue working with Jodi and continue to work on clarity and focus for myself. I really enjoy learning from you during the call as well as afterwards. These calls are helping me to understand my value as a human being and also help me focus on who I am and what I am meant to do here. Thank you for everything you have been sharing too because I like learning from others, like yourself, based on your lessons learned!”

– Radell Peischler,CMP

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